The Food and Environment Research Agency, York

Contract Value: £100K – £1m

Project Description

The FERA site in York specialises in the applied sciences underpinning a sustainable food chain, a healthy natural environment and protecting the global community from biological and chemical risks. The site is used daily by around 850 people and within the 27,800 square metres houses a lively, active professional community fully engaged in the delivery of science, technology, and knowledge exchange and product commercialisation. The laboratory accommodation is state of the art and there is an extensive support network which enables Campus Partners to operate seamlessly while concentrating on their core functions.

Services Provided

The following projects are a snapshot of the current activity on site:

  • Main Plant Chiller Replacement – Existing R22 chillers to be replaced with new energy efficient R407C chillers. Value £850,000.
  • Cold Weather Improvement Works, 3 phases – following failure in some of the main plant AHU’s during the exceptional cold weather in 2010, new frost coils and energy efficient filters installed to all air handling units on site. Value £1,000,000.
  • Perishable Fuel Lines – review of on-site oil storage with current regulations.
  • Chemical Store Ventilation – new ventilation system to comply with ATEX directive for storage of explosive chemicals.
  • WRAS compliance – various projects reviewing WRAS compliance with installation of valves and new Category 5 system compliances.
  • Block 25 Re-Validation Works – re-validation of laboratory pressure regimes and air volumes.
  • Site Wide Chilled Water and Heating System Rebalance.
  • R22 Survey – review of existing systems and appraisal of options for replacement strategy.
  • Block 24 Safety Cabinet – new Class 1 safety cabinet installation.