Smither Viscient

Contract Value: £4m

Project Description

New Environmental Testing Laboratory installation on the site of the old Milk Testing Facility Harrogate. The building was extensively rebuilt and extended to allow the installation of a new Environments Testing Facility for fresh water fish.

  • New Fish tank rooms to allow monitoring of a variety of fish species.
  • Installation of 14 No Fume Cupboard Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory.
  • New Mass Spectrometer Laboratory.
  • New Chemistry Laboratory.
  • New Close Temperature Control of water and environment for the fish tank rooms to allow cold water of tropical fish to be kept.
Services Provided

Full detailed M&E design from a client’s brief to, site monitoring and Fume Cupboard Design.

  • Ventilation and Close Control Air Conditioning
  • Compressed Air Services including New Plant
  • Nitrogen Generation and Distribution
  • Specialist Gas Distribution
  • Specialist Water Treatment for fish tanks
  • Specialist compressed air installation for fish tanks
  • Support services for Mass Spectrometers
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Fume Extract Systems
  • Electrical Services
  • Small Power
  • Data and Telecommunications / Fire Alarms